UOW Career Mentoring- Mentor Expressions of Interest

Registration to support a UOW student as a mentor in one of the programs that link students and alumni through our mentoring services.

UOW Career Mentoring - Mentor Expression of Interest

Support a UOW student as a mentor in one of the University’s programs that link students and alumni through mentoring services. UOW offers a variety of mentoring programs to suit your availability and capacity. Register your interest here.
Please identify if you have been involved in:
Please outline any qualifications you hold, and from which institution.
Please share any key achievements that would support the mentor/mentee matching. This might include things such as particular industry achievements, awards, key projects you may have been involved in, specific area of interest ect.

Reasons for your application

Students will identify key areas they would like to gain skills and knowledge in. Please identify any of the below key areas you would be comfortable in supporting students through.
Please identify any of the following key areas where you feel you could advise and mentor students as they prepare a career action plan.


By participating in one of the UOW Mentoring Programs you are agreeing to a set of expectations between yourself and your Program Coordinator at Careers and Employability.

These expectations are that you:

  • Commit to the stipulated dates for training.
  • Commit to the period of the program as provided. 
  • Meet with your mentee in a safe public space, or online.
  • Allow permission for your photo/video to be taken, unless otherwise specified to us in writing, for the purposes of promoting the program in the future where relevant. 
  • Allow your personal details to be shared with your mentee and the Program Coordinator. This information will be kept confidential.
  • Maintain confidentiality where your mentee has required it.
  • Treat intellectual property shared between mentors and mentees in the way in which it is intended and referenced in the UOW Code of Conduct section 7.6.
  • Direct any deep concerns to the attention of your Program Coordinator at Careers and Employability.
  • Behave and act with professionalism and courtesy at all times to your mentee and Program Coordinator and the Advancement team. 

UOW Code of Conduct.